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Current Projects List

Many projects going on right now… would you like to see? Basic Knit 2 Purl 2 rib hat, with a cross stitched logo attached. Not exactly a craft, but certainly … Continue reading

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Getting back into Every Inch

I’ve heard something said a few times over the last year or so among my mom friends that I didn’t quite get until I started doing more work recently for … Continue reading

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Making more of 2 – 0 – 1 – 4

Welcome to week three of 2014. I hope it’s living up to at least some of your expectations. I think now is about the time that many resolutions are faltering… … Continue reading

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Spiderman Birthday #2

The big event recently was celebrating that now… FELIX IS TWO-RIFFIC!! 2013 – Age 2 We continued the tradition of Wedding Clothes Birthday Pose, where Felix gets to wear his … Continue reading

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The approaching birthday party for a friend’s nearly two year old daughter prompted me to think about puns involving  the word “two”… A tu-tu for the two year old jumped … Continue reading

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The Christmas Season…

I don’t think there’s enough people out there who enjoy lengthening the Christmas season to warrant the crazy amount of time that we’re spending now in preparation for the holiday. … Continue reading

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A Memory/Art Quilt  remembering my wedding and the first home of my child…   I had made two halves of Rob’s wedding vest identical, instead of inverted…  so that became part … Continue reading

November 15, 2012 · 1 Comment

New season, New style

The changing of seasons is beginning!   Anyone interested in an interior decor update? I think the season change is a great time for some new threads… PLUS these guys … Continue reading

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Oh… oh goodness no…

SINCE MAY!?! I haven’t written anything since MAY? Wow.  I’m stunned. I knew it had been a long time… I cannot believe how much there is to catch up on! … Continue reading

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Some more Tiny Top Hats

My Tiny Top Hats are progressing… I started working with feathers, to my extreme delight. I really need to start selling some of these hats, or I’m going to end … Continue reading

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