Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

About Every Inch

Every Inch; created with care, here to be shared.

Practical products for whimsical people…

Founded by joanna close, who is currently a stay at home mom to a fantastic little boy, Every Inch has taken many forms. From craft fairs, to the online etsy store, a number of trials in local shops, the search for more opportunities continues…

Each pattern has been created through trial and testing, and the goal is to provide customers with goodies that will generate positive feelings for all those around. Pigtail hats are fun for long-haired people of all ages – with knit-in holes for showing off your pigtails while still keeping your head warm in cooler weather. Tiny top hats can be worn on all occasions – special parties, St. Paddy’s Day, Halloween, or try a casual style, for everyday wear. They’re sure to make people smile and will quite likely lead you to some interesting interactions. Every Inch is also available for your custom orders. Email everyinchwithcare@gmail.com to start a dialogue today!

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