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Spiderman Birthday #2

The big event recently was celebrating that now…
2013 – Age 2
We continued the tradition of Wedding Clothes Birthday Pose, where Felix gets to wear his Dad’s wedding vest (handmade by Mom) once a year and have his photos taken. The more years we compile, the more fun it will be to watch the transition from baby to boy to…man? 
But… that’s a long way off…right? 
I can’t believe how fast the last year flew by! The first year with a baby seemed so long… I found joy in the small triumphs of my son – picking his head up, grasping my finger, learning how to get what he needs – I stopped to appreciate, 
and I did it often.
The second year was full too; big and small steps, fretting, trying new things, making friends, kissing “boo-boos”, learning to let go and allow lessons to be learned, much more than is reasonable to list….
This is a VERY fun time, and I want to remember to stop sometimes 
2012 – Age 1
– to appreciate and witness small miracles and triumphs – 
– feel my gratitude for being in this moment – 
– let Love wash over and through me – 
and share my joys… 
like how much fun small touches & details can be at a child’s birthday party…
A Spiderman Birthday Party!
Main Missions
*Table setup – food, drinks, goodies, properly Spiderized
*New York “buildings” for table background
*Birthday Signs and Banners (Two-Riffic!)
*Spiderman’s Slippery Balloon Carry
*Goody Bags for the kids
*Spider Ballons (red w/ black marker) 
*Red & Blue streamers throughout house and party area
*Provide a comfortable, relaxed environment where kids and parents can play, eat, and enjoy each other’s company.
I did feel like this year was a success 😀
Very interesting to see the kids react to a REAL Spiderman!
Chocolate-Applesauce Cupcakes with
Cream Cheese Frosting
all from scratch
Here is the “cupcake” recipe, if you’re interested. I think it’s a good one!
My Cream Cheese frosting is usually just 1/4 stick butter, 1/4 block cream cheese, both softened, and about 1/2 cup of powdered sugar (I think). Test and adjust sugar amount for consistency preferences.
Once they had a chance to gather some courage
they were VERY excited to see the Spiderman!
Table setup is one of my favorite parts of party planning. It’s a place to get creative, a great showcase for creative touches. It’s a good place to really bring the theme of your party together; as simple as coordinating table cloth, napkin, and cup colors… or deluxe as labeled water bottles and background props…

Labeled water bottles are an easy way to get a WOW out of your guests

Modge Podge over all my signs gave me peace of mind that even if we all end up wet, my signs might still be readable
I was pretty pleased with myself for coming up with this game for the nearly 2 year olds that came to play with us. I didn’t prepare as many balloons as I should have, they pop fast! But it WAS fun to hear the *pop*SPLASH*squeal* among the giggles of kids. I think this could be a fun activity for next year’s party too. We’ll see if I can work it into the theme… when we pick one.

My favorite part about this year’s party was how relaxed I could feel. I was so excited and full of plans for the first birthday… this year I could sit back a little and more easily realize that it doesn’t all have to be perfect. I just wanted everyone to have a good time, get a few good pictures, and practice my party planning skills… in case I ever decide that it’s a thing I could do for people that they can give me money for 😉
If ever there is an opportunity where you can “only drop by for ten minutes” at the event of a small child, I will tell you as a parent that it does make a BIG impression. It IS worth the drive, 4 times as long as you’ll be at the destination! I can’t properly express how touched I’ve been EVERY time someone stopped by and then had to leave, because of a child in the car, because of a previous engagement, because of social anxieties…. It doesn’t matter if they have anything in their hands, as long as they have open arms, they’ve got GOLD for me, in my eyes.

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