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The approaching birthday party for a friend’s nearly two year old daughter prompted me to think about puns involving  the word “two”… A tu-tu for the two year old jumped out as a quick obvious choice. I wonder how many other people might think the same thing… 

Anyway.. I don’t have a daughter, and I haven’t found many excuses to make frilly things with bows, so I gladly took this as my opportunity. A quick stint on Pinterest led me to THIS GREAT TUTORIAL. I followed directions and then added my own touch of clever at the end…. two removable bows!

As the mother of a small child, I know sometimes simple is just easier, so it’s nice to have the option to not have to fuss with a bow. I also thought it would be easier for cleaning??

**Stretchy, Crochet Headband
(I found 2 for 1 at the dollar store!)
**2 spools of 4 inch tulle
**Tape Measure/Ruler
**Large Book
**Crochet hook (is helpful) 

**Store bought or homemade ribbon bow
**Large Button
**Needle and thread

Step 1. Cut tulle into strips double the desired length of your tutu (I cut 22 inches)
**if you have a small space, try only cutting 10-20 strips and then attaching**
Step 2. Stretch headband over large book, to make it easier to work. Not an entirely necessary step, but will save some frustration.
Step 3. Begin at the 2nd bottom row of the headband; 
(where the holes are not weak and RIGHT at the edge, but have a little more substance to grab on to) take each tulle strip, folded in half, and use the crochet hook to bring the loop through each hole in the headband on the second row. String both ends of the tulle back through the loop, and pull snug but not too tight. This “slip knot” will be strong enough to hold the tulle in place. Repeat until you’ve gone all the way around. Alternate colors if you want stripes, or randomize colors for different fun variations.

Step 4. Repeat for another round, if you’d like a little more fluff to your tutu.
The tutorial link above has some great photos. 
This project was finished so quickly that I didn’t take any “before” photos!

The bows in the photo were as easy as taking a large bow (store bought or handmade) and sewing a LARGE button (1 1/2 or 2 inch diameter) onto the back, enabling it to be attached and detached by slipping the button through one of the holes in the headband. A flat button will likely be most comfortable for your tiny tu-tu wearer.

Voila! Complete!

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