Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

Some more Tiny Top Hats

My Tiny Top Hats are progressing…

I started working with feathers, to my extreme delight. I really need to start selling some of these hats, or I’m going to end up wanting to keep them and wear them around all the time. At about a $15 price point, I could afford having a few!

And so could you! Are you interested?

How about some green feathers, for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day?

Can you picture it atop your head? Adorable! Each one has straps that can be alternately tucked up inside and I send bobby pins with each order, because that’s how I prefer to wear mine.

Each one is created with care and is truly one of a kind because of the natural variation of the feathers. I can also customize for different color combinations, and will even have fun doing so!

What do you think?


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