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First Show of 2010

I think 2010 is a year of growing. The Vegetable Circus has been expanding, I’ve been doing more, and Every Inch is adding to it’s inventory every day!

The first show went well. Hanging out with Abby was great, we met a lot of interesting people, got a lot of valuable information, and sold some goodies. It was a good venue, but I think it was more “flea market”, and our things are much more “craft fair”.

I’m interested in more information about craft fairs in Massachusetts. I’m getting to a point where my inventory is better and better on display. My next goal is to get into a store nearby. I would love to have a place locally to direct people to when they say “Oh wow, that’s beautiful – where did you get that?”

The lady I went with makes REALLY nice pottery. This show was the first chance I’ve gotten to look at her work. It was neat to be able to set up together too… our art went well together. We had hard and soft; pottery and knitting. I’m excited to expand into more areas of artistry…

I really need to find more outlets for the things I make. I have such a hard time walking down the main strip in my town because there are just SO MANY open storefronts in town. Sometimes it feels like every other one is empty. It’s so tempting, to want to call the realty company and think about trying something new. What a big venture though! The risk! I think I’ve got some great ideas that I could implement pretty well. But first things have to come first. And I’m all about small steps, so I can learn the ins and outs of every step. Maybe some day…some day I’ll have my own incredible business!


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