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New season, New style

The changing of seasons is beginning!


Anyone interested in an interior decor update? I think the season change is a great time for some new threads…

PLUS these guys are kinda making it tough to keep our couch clean the way things are set up right now. I think it’s time for a futon cover! Removable, washable, comfortable… these are some requirements. Up until now I’ve been using a twin mattress cover. Inexpensive. Easy for switching up the color pallet of the room… but my detail-aware compulsive side leads me to re-tucking MANY times a day when a corner has become untethered…. what a waste of time! Hopefully the next sofa solution will be more manageable….

This is what our setup looked like before… except neatly cleaned, 
well framed, and artfully set up for this photo 😉
My goal was to make this project as simple as possible and doable during an afternoon naptime. 
It ended up taking two naptimes, but I still consider it a success!

The first thing I did was take the futon mattress off the frame to measure it. You can get measurements online, but our mattress is well worn and I wanted to make sure I had OUR measurements. I would share them with you here, except I seem to have lost that tiny slip of paper…

 I cut five pieces: 1 large “bottom”, 1 slightly longer “top”, 2 long narrow side panels, and 1 short narrow end panel.

 Pinning and ironing are my least favorite parts of a project. Sometimes I skip them altogether. This time, however, pinning is important. Finish/hem one end of the longer “top” piece. Join the top and bottom to the end panel. Next, join the side panels. The corners needed a little finesse in order for my sewing machine needle to get where it needed to be.


Turn the whole thing right-side out, and next is the fun part…

Good luck getting your cover on! I think it simply would have been easier with two people…
As a small person, maneuvering a large object (like a futon mattress) can be a particular challenge.
It all worked out in the end…

What do you think?


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