Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

A Memory/Art Quilt 
remembering my wedding and the first home of my child… 
 I had made two halves of Rob’s wedding vest identical, instead of inverted… 
so that became part of the applique.

Using a little of the “scrap” fabric from making my wedding dress, 
I created a representation wedding dress for the quilt.

 No question, the stairs HAD to be represented…
I think it will be hard to forget carrying a heavy baby-seat in from the car with a sleeping child, up a narrow flight of stairs to the second floor… or countless bags of groceries.. or boxes with diapers, and the crib… It was a fine place for us to have a GREAT start, 
but I am SO glad to be out of that second story apartment!!
And a bit of fabric, representing sweet dreams, from Felix’s crib bumpers… 
I’m hard on myself! For not doing enough, for not fulfilling enough of the childhood promises to myself, for not having a period of time where “I made ALL the clothing I wear”, for letting things slip by when Felix was a baby… time goes so quickly sometimes!
It’s part of why I’m keeping this blog; I can look back and remember that I did actually do a LOT…
and that’s in addition to all the diaper changing, midnight feedings, hand-washing dishes, making homemade baby food… I have to remember that I AM trying…
To Do The Best I Can, All The Time
Remember That “My Best” Means Different Things At Different Times…
Stay Warm Out There!

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  1. Gma
    October 21, 2013

    Interesting to see your Maynard home! Gma

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