Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

Oh… oh goodness no…


I haven’t written anything since MAY?

I’m stunned. I knew it had been a long time…
I cannot believe how much there is to catch up on!

How are where to even start… should I lump it all into one post, with carefully selected photos highlighting the “biggest” moments of the last 3 months? Shall I break it into separate posts, allowing me to share more of the photos I’m so proud of, and let you feel a little bit more like your were there, if you couldn’t be? And what about the new “series” I want to  work on, 
talking about the trails and errors of raising a child and making a home? 
I just picked up some REALLY great books from the library… 😉

I think I’ll start with the biggest news:

From a one bedroom apartment, into a Real Home – with enough room for all three of us AND my crazy amount of crafting supplies/tools/ongoing projects/etc. I actually have a place now where I can store my pins, scissors, and yarn BEHIND A CLOSED DOOR! 

I am incredibly grateful that this situation came about for us. I think about how lucky I am pretty much every day. It can add some pressure… feeling like I need to somehow be “grateful enough”… or feeling like I need to somehow Give Back enough, to Pay It Forward.

Felix has a backyard to play in, he has a bathtub now (instead of the sink, soon-too-small baby bathtub, and the shower stall), there is a park two blocks up the street, as well as a number of interesting places to walk to which have lovely air conditioning in the summer! 

We have a small bit of soil to garden with, where we can grow some of our very own food, and (depending on how long we stay here, and how good Felix’s memory will be) where we can begin to teach our son where food comes from. I even had a friend move to town shortly after us, so our community is already growing!

Our things are all moved in and mostly put away, I ‘ve begun exploring the area and making mental notes of the gardens and flowers in the neighborhood that I want to keep an eye on (now a pretty established ritual of mine when moving into a new home), I have met a number of Extremely friendly people (one of whom even gave me a Homemade Orange-Cranberry Zucchini Bread!), I have made curtains for almost every room in the house, and I actually… finally…

I feel like I’m at Home

So, that’s one big, exciting thing that happened…. 

We also celebrated our first child’s first birthday! Being the crafty, creative, aim-to-impress type of person that I am I went entirely over the top and had a BUNCH of plans that didn’t find their way to fruition. Nonetheless, it was an Amazing and Fun day. That’s a post for another time.

One big bit of news
One teaser-preview about the next entry
And a hint about an upcoming series plan

I think I’ll declare “successful post” and call it a night.
Hope this find you all well… and if not now, then SOON.


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