Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

Getting back into Every Inch


I’ve heard something said a few times over the last year or so among my mom friends that I didn’t quite get until I started doing more work recently for Every Inch…

“I want to remember who I used to be, I need to find and get back to the person I was before I had a child.”

It translated to my life in smaller ways like; I don’t wear the clothes I used to, or I don’t see friends often anymore, or I don’t remember the food I used to like before grilled cheese, mac n cheese, pizza, and the basic kid foods staples that have been on the family menu. (That last one may be exaggerated a little; my little man is pretty adventurous with his foods) I’ve had a few interesting opportunities present themselves and I’m trying to just say YES, instead of listing reasons why I could let FEAR make the decision for me. I’m remembering the joy that making things that I’VE designed gives me, when they go to people who get joy from having my wares in their possession. I really felt more like “the old me” while I was getting ready recently for…

An opportunity to have some of my hats displayed at an Art Show in New York!



The Leprechaun’s Lady – Tiny Top Hat

Just being able to say that makes so many years of work, practice, and time come together in the kind of satisfying way where I am left actually feeling like a Real Artist.


“Turn heads like you turned mine when I first saw you”

Funny how simple words can so effect the way we feel…Recognition and appreciation can go a long way. Not only for artists, but for spouses, children, and friends…

(this is your official reminder that it’s nice to say thank you – is there someone who’s done something nice for you recently? don’t let the opportunity to let them say “you’re welcome” pass you by!)



As requested, I sent 3 hats to the show.

Luckily, I remembered to take photos before I sent them off!

I’ve been reminding myself and taking time to recognize the things I’m grateful for lately.I think I’m instinctively trying to give myself the last boost I need to get through the winter and this awful cold spell we’re having! Where it hurts to go outside with any exposed skin for more than 60 seconds. And then I think about my schoolmate who now lives in Alaska and frequently goes hiking in the winter.


So my family has been enjoying indoor activities lately. And I’ve been organizing!

Sometimes I fear that I may like organizing my supplies more than actually using them… I just have to counteract that thought by actually using what I have to do the things on my mental To Do list, and be sure to appreciate being able to find what I need, as well as being able to clean up  quickly afterwards, because everything has a place to go. I don’t have to find one!

It does make me incredibly pleased and inspired to DO things when I walk into my room and see things like this:


And this:


So there’s the update of what’s going on. I’d post a link to the show in NY, but in my haste and excitement I haven’t asked for many details… Hopefully I’ll stay in this “weekly” habit and you can check back next week to see what happens…


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