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Happy New Year!

Welcome to week three of 2014. I hope it’s living up to at least some of your expectations. I think now is about the time that many resolutions are faltering… I for one haven’t even started on some of mine yet! I’m trying to stay of the mind that it doesn’t mean FAILURE though. Resolutions are about “doing your best” throughout the year, right? Mine are. So I’ll just put off my judgement for the end of the year… when I have more information to work with… that should work, right?

So what ARE my resolutions anyway? Do I have a plan, or know what the steps are to make them happen? I think I can share a few with you.

#1 Make my Home my Haven

I want to stop feeling overwhelmed by the things in my house – things that are out of place, unnecessary, on “the list” to be fixed, dirty, and things that I like but don’t really want to trade the space it takes to store or house them…. I found The FlyLady and her babystep system for accomplishing and maintaining a clean, well run household. Wednesday is “Anti-procrastination Day”. She has a term called CHAOS, which stands for Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. She encourages using the parts of the program that work, and leaving the rest. You can sign up for daily emails, or follow along on FaceBookIt’s all offered free! Of course she does have an extensive product line too, if you’re looking for some new cleaning tools, as well as a way to support a small business. It works for me when I work it, I know when I’m walking around my house doing one thing or another and a smile jumps onto my face because I see something that is SO clean, and I feel pride in my home. When I see my shiny sink. When I open the tupperware cabinet and things are organized. When I go to hang a picture, and I know exactly where all my tools and nails are, and they’re even all in an accessible place! I want my home to be my haven.

#2 Spend more time with Friends and Family

Pretty self explanatory. I want to be the glue that holds my community together. I want to make it more a priority to see people in person. It is so easy to let months slip by, years sometimes, without seeing friends who are less than an hour drive away. Having a fun experience on the weekend with a friend can change the entire week after. It gives me a story to be able to share when I come back to work and people ask “how was your weekend?” Too often I allow my social discomfort to convince me not to call or make a plan with people I care about. We only live once, and anything can happen at anytime. Let’s spend more time having fun with friends and family.

#3 Be a Better Blogger

More consistent. More interesting. More links to what OTHER people are doing to make Every Inch of their world a better, more beautiful place. More crafting tutorials. More updates on projects over time. I have many ideas, but I think the most important is to try and pick one day a week or every other and no matter what, if it’s even just a photo, I shall try my best to make a post.

#4 Learn to prioritize and better use my time

I am always busy, but I accomplish very little. I have enough time to accomplish the things I want to, but I often waste time feeling overwhelmed by having to make a choice of what to do first. I have to start somewhere. Anywhere! The Flylady, as I mentioned in #1 has been helping me along with this… I think when I journal at least once a day I feel more organized as well. And lists. Benjamin Franklin was a list-maker. He planned out his day down to the hour, before the days of spiral bound planners and notebooks. I bet I could learn a lot from researching famous list-makers.

Well, that’s almost a handful of resolutions, or focuses, for the year. Certainly not a complete list, but hey.. It’s already the third week and… I’ve got to post SOMETHING, right? Time for dinner and playing with the family!

Be Genuine

Forgive Yourself

Don’t start over, start from where you are

Love More


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