Handcrafting Every Inch

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Current Projects List

Many projects going on right now…

would you like to see?

Rob's Red Sox Hat in Progress

Created a Red Sox cross stitch pattern using graph paper

Basic Knit 2 Purl 2 rib hat, with a cross stitched logo attached.

Rob's Red Sox Hat 02

Completed for the hubby, finished only two months after goal date… 😀

Not exactly a craft, but certainly taking a lot of time, attention, patience, and creative thinking has been POTTY TRAINING in our household! We’ve decided to give up diapers, cold turkey. It’s been a process, but we’re all learning quickly. We even filled up the sticker chart and get to have a POTTY CAKE! Fun stuff here at our house…

Felix Gives Up Diapers

We finally caved in and invested in a duvet. Our comforter just hasn’t been cutting it this winter. After being even

Duvet Cover in Progress

more appalled than I assumed I’d be at prices, I decided to make my own duvet cover. As someone with a sewing machine, it’s a crazy idea NOT to make my own.. I can just sew two flat sheets together. I could go to the fabric store and buy just as much as I need to cover the duvet. In the end I have to use SOME of the fabric in my stash. This is exactly the kind of project that I have fabric lying around for!

I’m looking forward to making more duvet covers in the future and being able to change up the look of our bedroom just by changing the blanket. For now I’ll stay in line with our household colors, which have become gold, red, black, and brown. They feel regal and warm. I’ve set aside some choices already.  I’ll post a photo of our duvet cover when it’s complete….

Knitting Needle Caddy

FINALLY took the time to make a really simple knitting needle organizer. It works SO well, cost $2 for the caddy and the hook for the wall, AND it took literally 10 minutes to make. That’s the kind of project I like having on my list; quick, easy, and satisfying.

Wristlets in Progress

And a pair of wristlets to fill an order. So.. that’s the current workload.

What kind of things have you been doing, or wanting to do?


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