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Classy Custom Fabric Art

I’ve been looking at a lot of home decor websites and pictures lately and I’m noticing the trend of art walls. There are SO MANY examples where different frames are used, different fabrics or paper are set in, they are arranged and used in different ways…. I like it!!

Do you know how INCREDIBLY INEXPENSIVE this decor idea is?



The possibilities are endless….
If you make a blanket or bumpers for your baby’s crib, why not add a frame or two
on the wall with the matching fabric?

When you have your couch reupholstered,
ask for a scrap of fabric and
create coordinating accents for the wall!

Easily add some splashes of color to pull together
other items in your room and create a “theme”.

My brother just celebrated his birthday. He’s the kind of guy who is very particular about the things he gets, and most of the things he really wants he ends up getting for himself.
It seems that he’s been more thoughtful about the decor in his space; maybe because he’s planning on moving into his own space soon. So… I need a gift idea….

This is way too feminine… but it gives me an idea!

I am a fiber artist; I will create some fiber art!

Also, I will take pictures to show everyone how easy it can be 🙂


Among the things my brother likes are guns. He likes black and gray and white.
Sometimes red too.
He got the chance to repaint his room, and was SO excited to tell me
that he chose two colors – two slightly different shades of white!!

I love my brother and I think he’s just the best!
He makes me laugh and we get along REALLY well. He sees the same little things that I see and we can both laugh without having to point out what it was or why it was funny.

To go along with the wall hanging I made (I’ll talk about it in another post) I decided to make some framed “art that he can use as part of a wall collage. First I found some silhouettes online that I liked, and printed out copies.

I bought some frames, and so I resized the images to fit my frames. Mine were 4×6.

*** I HIGHLY suggest dollar store shopping when it comes to frames. Often they have a
pretty decent collection… and frames in stores can get pricey!!***

I traced an outline onto my scrap fabric and carefully cut out the piece.
If you trace on the back of the fabric, don’t forget to inverse the image so that your silhouette is facing the right direction in your frame.
I’ve heard of “Fray Stop” but have never used it…
anyone out there have experience with it?
Anyway… try to handle the fabric as little as possible, and trim away any fraying fibers. They’ll show up behind the glass and bug you just a little every time you look at it,
and that’s not at all what we’re going for…

Position your fabric in the frame. Add a background fabric.
Carefully close the frame, being careful not to move your fabric.


Super easy right?!
These are the other finished frames…. what do you think?

What would you put in a frame?

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