Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

Guess what time it is! It’s…

Toy Time!

I’m having a LOT of fun making new things for Felix to play with.
He’s learning more and more every day.
I’m enthralled, watching him gain an understanding of the world around him.
I’ve been looking forward to this time – being able to enjoy things all over again,
through someone else’s eyes.
I see that Felix likes the knot at the end of his mouse’s tail.
He likes the tags on the back of all his toys.
He loves playing with his taggie blanket,
and he likes the crinkling noises that his bag of diaper-wipes makes.
So…. How about a Crinkly Tag Toy!?

2 small pieces of fabric (I cut mine into circles)
Spare bits of ribbon
Stuffing (I recycled some plastic bags, crinkly wrappers, and some wax paper)
I have a ton of extra fabric bits, so I decided to add a few to the toy.
I like playing with patterns and applique…
Pick out some ribbons and cut them into pieces about 4 to 6 inches long.
If you want, use a variety of lengths and give your little one another aspect to explore!
Fold the ribbons in half and pin into place, lining up the two ends with the outside edge of your fabric. Do you see the knots I made in some of them, for Felix?
Sew around the edge, stitching the ribbons in place.
With right sides together, pin the fabric pieces in place.

Sew around the edge, following the stitch line made when attaching the ribbons.
Sew a little on the inside, to avoid stitches showing at the end.
Leave a 6 inch opening, to turn inside-out and allow space for stuffing.
Turn inside-out. Stuff.
Hand sew the opening.
Give to child.
Enjoy some quiet fascination time!
There has been nothing quite as satisfying as making something for my baby that he enjoys. Making food purees and clothes are well and good, but when I give him a toy and I can watch him play with it for hours, days, weeks… it’s a different kind of joy entirely.
Please post pictures if you end up making a tag-toy! Or send them to my email at EveryInchWithCare@gmail.com

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