Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care


The 90 Vegetable Order has been FINISHED!

Excellent! Now The Vegetable Circus are outfitted with plenty of toys to teach all sorts of fun and healthy things to kids in the Boston area, and eventually across America. And maybe MORE! Now that that’s all set I can get back to my ever-growing project list…

I started work on Rob’s sweater again. Finally! It’s been sitting on my mannequin, taunting me for weeks now. I am now working on the sleeves. Making up a pattern for them was daunting, but now that I’ve started I’m hoping the rest of the project will just skip along quickly. The excitement brewing is almost too much! I can’t wait to see what it looks like ON Rob.

And then, when I finish the sweater I can start all sorts of new things….Yippee!!


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This entry was posted on January 13, 2010 by in Rob's sweater, Vegetable Circus, vegetables.
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