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I finished Rob’s sweater! Actually, I finished a bit ago, but haven’t posted since then. He tried it on as soon as I gave it to him and promptly fell asleep for over an hour. I told him that it was supposed to be a hug for him all day. I think that’s how most of my knitting feels…like a hug. That’s what I’m going for, at least.

I’m not 100% satisfied with the pattern, but for making one up myself I think I did all right. The sweater is so think it’s almost more like a jacket. That’s almost perfect for Rob, because he doesn’t really like wearing coats. He can now wear this instead and be warm enough, even in the New England weather.

Mission Warm Cozy Sweater: Accomplished!

My next mission was another Vegetable Order. I was asked for a plush set of vegetables for a little boy. I recommend stuffing as opposed to the poly pellets I usually use when filling orders for children. I think it’s safer. Anyway…

This set is SO cute! Included are 10 Fruits and Vegetables, and I made a basket for all of them as well. Wanting to accomodate small fingers I knitted the basket (with a basket stitch…ha ha!) so that it had some stretch. This will make it easy for little hands to fit ALL the goodies into the basket.

This set includes:
Hot Pepper

Another bit of news…I donate 10% of all sales of my vegetables to The Vegetable Circus and it’s parent non-profit AWEN. They are focused on being allies for wellness in our communities. They strive to help in any ways they can. You can help too AND enjoy my vegetables if you’d like by ordering a set from my etsy website.

Now….back to work on my hats!! Stay tuned for more bright colors….


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