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Getting ready for the holidays

I have SO much to do to get Every Inch to where I envision it being. I “missed” Black Friday, meaning I didn’t have any sales. It was also my birthday yesterday!! Aside from being an awesome day for me it’s another chance for promotion. I’m just not THERE yet. I’m focused on inventory, making connections, getting my online identity ready, and keeping my anxiety down while boosting my motivation UP. Well, anyway…here’s what I’ve been working on….

I started making booties!!
They’re irresistibly cute
(to me, at least).

I really just like having them around…. I walk into the room, and there they are sitting on a shelf; I have to smile! I took a walk to get some props today before I took pictures of the Christmas-themed ones. Hopefully I’m getting better with my picture taking….

Looking at other blogs and other webstores is such a mixed experience for me…it’s inspiring, tempting, educational…but it also seems to make me feel a little down on myself…

“My pictures aren’t nice like THAT”……

“I’m not the only one with this skill, look what THEY can do”….

“I’ll never be THAT good”….

But that’s not really what it’s about. Right? Handcrafting is a labor of Love. It’s about working Good Energy into each stitch of a hat, hoping the wearer will feel Great while it’s on their head. It’s about connecting with local people and creating something WITH them. Crafting keeps me calm, and it feels like something worth doing to me.

It helps keep me sane.

My mind goes on in knitting rounds instead of negative circles and cycles…

I can let my mind roam and think about new ways to trick a straight piece of yarn into becoming an entire sweater. I stop worrying so much about my outside world…bills, social pressures, mood swings, resumes, future planning…and can think creatively and freely. I find that I can work out problems in my head with better focus if I have a pair of needles in my hands…..

I found a way to display and photograph my pigtail hats too!

I used some wool and, although this first go is a little bulkier than I’d like, I think it still works OK… and I have some better ideas for round two.

Not bad though, right?

At least it gives a clear message of WHAT exactly a “Pigtail Hat” is.

You can now visit my goods in person if you’re in the Wayland, MA area!
I met with the ladies who run the Wayland Depot and I now have some things for sale in their store!! They also have a variety of other pretty things from other local artists.
It’s a nice, cozy place to check out, filled with wonderful and friendly people.


One comment on “Getting ready for the holidays

  1. Ellie
    December 7, 2009

    Your work is beautiful!! My Mom (Sonja Strong) told me your blog, and I'm glad she did! 🙂 These pigtail hats are adorable – you are very talented!-Ellie

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