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The Sweater Curse

So…there’s this “legend” that I’ve heard over my years as a knitter…it’s about a curse, actually.

Knitters have been cautioned about knitting sweaters for their boyfriends. I think it probably doesn’t have to do with knitting for children, or husbands, or family….but knitting for your boyfriend is a notoriously dangerous thing to do. It’s been said that knitting a sweater for your boyfriend is a sure way to doom and gloom. Either you’ll break up before it’s done and have the half-finished reminder of how some things are left undone…on top of the decision of whether or not to finish and then what to do with it after. Or you’ll put hours of work into creating a one of a kind creation only to never see it again when both investments of time inevitably leave your life. Maybe you’ll put hours into something incredible, and all that happens is it will find a glorious home in a drawer, or hanging in a dark closet. There are innumerable terrible things that can happen when attempting to knit a sweater for your man.

That being said, I think it’s a wonderfully loving gift to be able to give. I’ve been a victim of this curse, having knit sweaters for men I thought I’d be with for much longer than was actually in the cards for us…and given the choice….I’d do it again.


Rob’s birthday is coming up, near the end of this month. I started this sweater a few days ago and I think it’s going to be AMAZING. I’m knitting it with two pieces (of the eco-friendly yarn that is my favorite) held together. It’s going to blend from mostly green on the bottom to mostly blue on the top (because Rob has beautiful blue eyes) with accents in the cream color that I have a TON of in my yarn pile.

I hope it fits him. I’d like him to be able to wear it ALL THE TIME if he wants to…and be comfortable. I’m creating the pattern myself, so I’ll be worrying the whole time. I have a reference sweater though – one he finds really comfortable in that I can take measurements from. He had a big say in the color choices too…I think he’s going to love it. And we’ve got a good, healthy, strong foundation… one that is hopefully stronger than any curse out there.

Now all we have to do is stay together long enough for me to have time to weave in all the ends from these stripes!!

Weaving in ends is my LEAST favorite part of knitting. If I could just not do it I would be the HAPPIEST knitter. This picture actually gives me some ideas for knit skirts, or maybe dresses, with intentionally unwoven ends. Hm….

Stay posted to see the progress I’m making on Rob’s Sweater, how the curse affects our time together, and to see if I do something physical with my new ideas….

Craft On!!


One comment on “The Sweater Curse

  1. Anonymous
    January 17, 2010

    Joanna as you must know I am the worst at this computer thing and am surrounded by those that are experts but lack the impetus or the ability to lend me an educational hand, so I am doing my best. I found your card and just read your blog. I am so proud of your work and your perseverance. You will succeed because you love what you do. I will pass on info to those I know.You are so talented, I did not realize just how gifted you are. Keep it up. I will need some of your cards to pass out. I work with alot of young women. I may be the most mature in age!!!The photos were great too. Never sell yourself short. Enjoy the moment Hugs, Diana

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