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Eco-Friendly Winter-Wear

I’ve been working for the last few weeks (SO MANY HOURS!!) on building my winter inventory. Next year I’ll start sooner and be more prepared. This year I’m focusing on versatile basics that everyone can love. And this year I discovered my new favorite yarn!

I’m working now with an eco-friendly yarn made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Soda bottles, water bottles, all kinds of bottles that would have gone to a land-fill have been recycled and made into this incredible, soft, machine-washable yarn. I take it and make all sorts of fun things like….

You don’t have to hide your cute this winter! Let it out and put it on showcase with a pigtail hat. Custom made with holes knit into each hat that is instantly adorable on men and women alike. I have the feeling that the women will be the ones to best pull off this look, however. Women and adorable little girls…

How awful is it to be all nicely bundled up – scarf, hat, sweater, coat – and then have a chill run down your wrist when you reach for something? That awkward space between your mittens and your coat is exposed! EEK!
Slip on a pair of wristlets and be warm once again. I like how my fingers stay free so that I can still use them to write while I sit outside, or even wear them while I knit at home when I don’t want to put the heat on. I’m working on a bunch of different styles. I want every man, woman, and child to be able to find a pair that they want to wear ALL winter.

This is the favorite style among the men in my life. My brother has been happily wearing hats I’ve made for over 5 years. I’ve made hats for my Rob, for friends, for family of friends, and for family of mine.
These hats are stretchy and accommodate a range of head sizes, which makes them ideal for gifts. All the hats I knit have give. These have the most. They look great on everyone!

A knit classic. These hats follow the same pattern I first used when I began making knit winter-wear.
It’s a tried and true style that looks swell on the young, the old,
and everyone (or everything) in between.
My pigtail hats follow the same style, but have an extra injection of adorable.

As always I have a few side-projects going in the background and I’m working on new ideas every day. I’m hoping to start working on legwarmers eventually, and now that my inventory is growing I’ll need to find some outlets for my merchandise.

I’m SO excited about using this eco-friendly yarn too. I really can’t say how awesome it is that it’s possible to create something like this:
from this…



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