Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

Our Home

Well…I may have waited until just a little while after our internet was connected (yeah, ok…maybe it was a whole month…) but I finally have pictures to post of the new home of Rob&joanna , and the new headquarters of Every Inch!

I have a studio of my own, to reorganize and use as I see fit.
I have enough room for things I’ve made already…
storage space for materials to make new things…
and it also serves as our entertainment room
(where we keep our amazing FREE TV! thanks cragislist!!)
Rob has been generous and given me entire creative control over our home. SCORE!!
This is our bedroom…
Our living room/dining room…
and our bathroom…

We had limited counter and storage space in the kitchen so I had to get creative.
I hung our dish rack CAREFULLY and with calculated decisions.
It works SO well, holds everything I ask it to, and even matches the other reds in the kitchen!

I hung another rack at the end for our pots and pans.

So….that’s my home, and where I work.

Along with decorating the house I’ve been gearing up for the upcoming winter months. In my next post (hopefully QUITE soon!!) I’ll show you what I’ve been working on.

You can also visit my etsy site and see what’s new on your own schedule!
Thanks, and stay tuned!!


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