Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

Away from home

I’m down in Asheville, NC for a week (which is ENTIRELY worth visiting, if you get the chance) packing up and enjoying it while we can. I’m sad that Asheville isn’t closer to MA. It’s so great to just walk down the street and see what other people are wearing, there are art galleries on almost every block, there are neat stores that lure you in to look at unique treasures….

I made my way around town last year and created a relationship with The Honeypot in downtown. It’s an amusement park of a clothing store! There are ALL KINDS of shoes, jewelery, clothing, accessories, there are things that glitter, things with bright colors, hidden pockets, shiny trinkets, one-of-a-kind artwork pieces that you can wear, things for men, women, children…it was an inspiring group to be a part of.

When I stopped in to tell them that I was leaving town and that I wanted to pick up the rest of my sale items I was told “Oh, well…. everything sold, actually.”
What? Really?
“Yeah. The last vest was sold yesterday.”
I can create items that people want. I can create worthwhile products!
And on the tails of my first etsy sale…..cool!!
Such a good boost of confidence. I think I may get this feeling every time I make a sale. Ha ha, hopefully, right? I don’t think it’ll ever wear off. It’s so important to have that justification that what you’re doing is worthwhile.

I’m hoping to ride this upswing and use it productively. I’ve got a lot of work ahead!! I’d like to keep posting pictures and keep up with my progress more regularly. Helps me to stay focused and motivated.

…speaking of which I should probably get back to the ball of yarn and crochet hook in my lap….


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