Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

Scarves…..with pockets?

If given the chance I would probably put pockets onto everything I own. With the millions of people out there, I’m betting there are more people like me. Or…at least many people at least a LITTLE like me in that aspect.

So…here’s one of my first pocketed items:

The Pocket Scarf
Not only will it keep you warm in the winter and fall, it will also give you more room for all the things you carry with you, it will add to your stylin’ getup, AND it’s good for the environment.

The environment? Really??
Yeah! Caron makes a line of yarn that is made from plastic bottles! 80% of the yarn is their “SimplySoft fiber” and 20% is of a specially processed fiber made from recycled plastic bottles.
Their website says that means for every 10 skeins of yarn I use Caron saves 6 plastic bottles from America’s landfills. May not sound like much at first, but that all depends on how much yarn I use, right?!

I added a listing on my etsy site for these scarves.
If you’d like to order one (or some!) I’ll give you 10% off each one for being one of my blog readers. Good deal?
Send me a message with your order. I’ll know you’re a reader when you write
“p.s. I craft with care”.
Here’s a link to etsy for easy access.

I’m excited to see things moving along….


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