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As per usual, it’s been far too long since I last updated. I guess at this point I can just stop complaining about my lack of consistency and accept my internet updating skills for what they are. Ideally I’ll post more often, but I’m not going to let it be an issue anymore.
I’ve finally been creating some of the VegetaBaby Hat’n’Booties sets that I’ve been planning in my head for some time now. With Rob and his Vegetable Circus growing by leaps and bounds, it’s a great source of inspiration for new projects! I love the sound of the name for this line… VegetaBaby …but it may need to change at some point. Most of the produce I’ve worked on so far have been fruits…. like these!

The Lemon and Lime sets would be PERFECT for twins, don’t you think?
Pucker up! Your little one can even make Lemons look sweet!!
I’ve been toying with ideas like “Fresh Produce” or “Home Grown”
but I think for now “VegetaBabies” is the name that I like best.
Rob tells me that all fruits ARE vegetables,
per classification relating to old tariff laws.
Well then, VegetaBabies it is!!
The sweetest Strawberry you’ll ever see!
Well would you take a look at THAT delicious Eggplant?
This Watermelon is ripe and ready to be picked (up)!
Your melon’s melon will stay protected, while drawing all sorts of cooing and compliments from family, friends, and many of the passersby on the street.
I have yet to post listings in my Etsy store, but I’m hoping to get to that later today. Prices for the Hat’n’Bootie sets vary just a little, with the seeded fruits costing a bit more.
The seeds are carefully hand-sewn in using black yarn, so as not to pose a chocking hazard. Many of the cute renditions of “Strawberry Hats” I’ve seen are made with beads or buttons. Fine to put on for a quick picture, but my aim is for useful, sturdy, and whimsical items!
For the future I’m planning on making some Apples, Blueberries, and Carrots.
What other fruits and/or veggies would make good VegetaBaby Sets?

2 comments on “VegetaBabies!!

  1. Caroline
    May 20, 2011

    I love this! The Eggplant is wonderful.

  2. Every Inch
    May 22, 2011

    Why thank you! I'm very excited to have my own little baby to dress up in all sorts of excellent things… at least until his free will kicks in and he stops letting me dress him!!

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