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Ladybug for a pretty little lady

I’m QUITE behind on my posts!
This one will be about the ladybug I made for a little lady in my neighborhood.
The wings are made from super soft fleece, with hand-sewn spots. The underbelly is a silky pink satin, and the rest (in black) is a sturdy canvas material.
I really like the antennae! I was working from a picture that I got from this girl and she drew her ladybug with cute, curly antennae. They were a MUST HAVE, at least in my book.
This is the pink satin underbelly.
Hooray!! Ladybug: DONE
I also have to post, at some point, the new pictures I took of the Tiny Top Hats I made recently. I posted pictures on my Facebook account, so if you’re a fan of Every Inch you will have seen some of these pictures already. I think they still need to make their way onto my Blog page. I like having this “log of progress” so I can remember all the different projects I’ve worked on!
Thanks for reading : )
and Stay Tuned….

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