Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

Lemon’s Lemon

The VegetaBabies are being born!!
The first is a Lemon, for my special friend Lila Lemon, who is the daughter of a friend of mine.
I wasn’t sure at first if I would add a face or not…
It still looks pretty happy without one, right? Hee hee hee!!
But in the end, the need for eyelashes won me over…
and this Lemon was FACED!!
It rattles when you shake it, which was ADORABLE to watch. Lila would grab a little white hand and shake and shake, and the Lemon would rattle.
Hooray! It works!!
I can’t wait to make more VegataBabies…stay tuned and see what’s growing…

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This entry was posted on June 28, 2010 by in baby toys, Lemon, rattle, Stuffed animal, VegettaBabies.
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