Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

Blue Cloud Boucle Sweater-dress

It’s finished! In only 5 days. I’m so proud. And a little worried about my social life (or apparent lack thereof)…but mostly I’m just proud.

It turned out ALMOST EXACTLY how I wanted it to. How rare is that? I mean, it’s REALLY close. I only wish that it were a little smaller. But I guess it not fitting me exactly will make it easier to try and let go of…

This sweater is for sale, and others that can be custom made and sized for you. It took a lot of work, and features cloud-like soft yarn, so will be slightly pricey. But a hand knit sweater dress, made with yarn you actually want to be surrounded by is worth so much! Plus my knit goods are all created with a generous helping of Love, which is priceless, so…

You can check out the listing on etsy here if you’d like.

I feel so funny being in front of the camera. Rob was REALLY helpful about making me feel relaxed, and staying patient. I think he got some really great candid shots. Not to mention the brownies he had just made – with MACADAMIA NUTS AND ORANGE CRANBERRIES! Simply amazing. He’s a wonderful boyfriend!

I’m starting to get pretty nervous about finding physical places to sell my goods. I’ve been doing research, planning, and growing my inventory to a place where it makes sense to show off to store owners, but I haven’t actually gone and had face time with anyone in quite a while now…


I’ll just take one step at a time, I guess. I’m not sure this is the time for sweaters and blankets, even though I’m finally getting somewhere, but…I can think about next winter. And I can start sewing for the spring. I just have to keep my eyes on the prize of being a successful and sale-able artist.

So…back to the grindstone.
I’ll leave you with some more fun pictures to look at….
Are you tempted yet? I bet it’d look great on you.
In purple, green, or red? Heh heh heh


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