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Two New Projects

Being a mostly self-taught crafter, there are MANY things that I just haven’t learned. Sometimes the best way to learn is to follow a pattern, or attempt to do something that someone else has already done. Why, then, do I feel like it’s not…..mine? If I spend the HOURS to knit a sweater, but follow someone else’s pattern does that make it less impressive? No, no. It has to be that knitting a sweater is always impressive. It’s just EVEN MORE so if you make the pattern as well.

That being said, I need to learn some new things. So I’m working on two new projects in the hopes that I’ll gain new knowledge. I think I have already…

The first attempt is this poncho: You can find the pattern on the DROPS website.

I’m almost done at this point.
All I need to do is weave in the ends, and sew the seam for the hood.

I’m also finally working on a long sweater.
I’m using the Boucle yarn and Caron’s Pound of Love.
This is what it looks like now…

And what it will hopfully look like when it’s finished…


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