Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

More work on the Joker Coat

Well, it’s not happening as fast as I (and maybe Jacob) would like, but it’s happening… I sewed the lining pieces together and fitted them into the coat. I pinned carefully…painstakingly…because I want the lining to look PERFECT.
Like a professional tailor would do.
I turned the coat inside out first, and made sure to secure the lining so that it wouldn’t move while I was hand-sewing the lining in. Rob got to be my lucky model for a few minutes.
He’s a good MANnequin.

I doubled the pocket lining, in hopes that they’ll be less likely to grow holes. I used some of the original purple satin, because it’s really strong and will slide well against the new lining. I got to use the AMAZING pair of pinking shears that i got last winter from Rob’s Grandma.
She’s awesome.

I don’t know what the stitch that i used is called…maybe an ‘Invisible Stitch’ … maybe it doesn’t have a name…it’s one of those things I naturally progressed to through trial and error on other projects….

…and then…

…so in the end it looks like this…


New lining, new pockets…the red is SO bright against the purple wool! Aw, oh wow. I’m glad. Yeah, check this out.

So…it could be called “DONE” now. But I’m not done with this coat yet. Jacob wants it to be amazing. He wants it to be just right. He has left it in my hands to determine what “just right” IS exactly. So far we’ve agreed that it involves decorative stitching.
Stay tuned…

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