Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

Where to start the second post…
Should I start with the projects I’m working on now? Ideas for the future?
How about I’ll post some pictures of things that I’ve already made? Most of these items I have for sale at my page on etsy. My etsy page is also in dire need of attention…but you can go check out the humble beginnings at


Who has enough pockets out there? How about enough ROOM in those pockets? Wouldn’t it be super helpful if you had just one more…or two? I got angry enough at FAKE POCKETS in my clothes to do something….I’ve designed these stylish hideaway spaces to attach on a belt or easily onto a belt loop. They can be attached anywhere there’s a spot to hold on! I plan to make some in the future with a padded lining, geared toward diabetics who wear an insulin pump. I am a type 1 diabetic, diagnosed when I was 7. I’m now a happy pump-wearer, but in the beginning it was a bit tough to figure out where to CARRY it on me. I didn’t want to wear the bulky plastic belt clip…so now I wear my Pump Pocket, and it’s AWESOME.


The Vegetable Circus is a traveling juggling-theater show that interacts and teaches elementary-aged children the importance of healthy eating, responsible decisions, exercise techniques, among MANY other excellent topics.

Currently the Vegetable Circus is made up of Rob (my boyfriend) and Brian (here in the pictures). I’ve crafted a number of things for the VC now, including these DELICIOUS vegetable pants, a pair for Rob which I need to photograph, and some juggle-able vegetables that you’ll see later in this post…….carrot?


Pretty self-explanatory….they’re vegetables. Cuddly, snugly, soft vegetables. No, you can’t cook them…but they won’t go bad either. Sometimes life means making compromises. The vegetables can be stuffed with a polyester fiberfill stuffing, like in teddy bears, or poly pellets. The poly pellets are heavier, and much better fur juggling with. Think hacky sacks. Actually…that’s what I use to make my hacky sacks too…

Not Quite Spring Flowers

With a pin on the back, and made in a variety of colors (with endless more options available) These flowers bring a little bit of spring cheer no matter what the weather’s like outside. I wear them on my vest, stick one on a plain purse, pin them on my skirt…they fit anywhere! And they add a little color wherever it’s lacking.

I made just a few of them….


This is a blanket I JUST finished, one I’ve been putting down and picking up for a number of years now. It’s finally done…I’m calling it my Fire Blanket. It’s everything I hoped it would be…

And this is Dave’s Blanket…

My friend Dave had heart surgery a while ago. When I went to Sudbury Valley School I made a blanket for my friend Steve, who had broken his collarbone. He brought it to school with him and snuggled in it while he was healing. It seemed to me like a GREAT thing to get if you’re doing a lot of bed rest…a SOFT, LOVE-FILLED blanket?? So…Steve liked his so many years ago, and when I sent this one to Dave…with the big D, the strong Dragons, the Hearts, and the Red/Blue Healthy Circulation theme….I’m SO happy with how it turned .out. And Dave was too! Huzzah!!

Haus Shoes

I was born in Germany, as was my mother, and her mom too. I used to go back to Germany at least once every year, somtimes more when I was little. When I got older there were more responsibilities and schedules to stick to, so I began going less and less. I think the last time I was across the ocean was in 2006 or 2007. Anyway, there are some things that I always remebered….one of them was my Oma’s “haus shoes”. At each entrance to the house there were set out a few sizes of knitted or crocheted slippers. They were there so that when you came into the house, and were supposed to take your shoes off it didn’t mean that you had to walk around the house with cold feet. One day I decided that I wanted to try to make my own pair of Haus Shoes. They fit REALLY well, and are comfy. I’m thinking about adding a leather sole….I’ll keep you posted.

Ha! Posted!! Haha…blog humor…

Hacky Sacks

I’m working with lots of different colors, a few different sizes, and I’ve tried a few different fillings. Poly Pellet always work best. These are also REALLY great for juggling with. They have a nice weight that falls into your hand, and the bright colors are easy to spot flying through the air. They’re also VERY quick to make. I make mine with a nylon lining; an attempt to save other people from the countless hours of cleaning up busted hacky sacks….

That’s All, Folks!!
No, not really…I have quite a collection of crafts that I work on. Between knitting, sewing, crocheting, and any one of the other things that I try out in between I’ll probably be able to keep this online spot full of pictures.
Where will I go next? What will I work on?
You’ll have to wait and see….

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  1. Anonymous
    June 27, 2009

    Great job, mouse!! Am proud of you! Remember the skirt you sewed endless hours /days using so many old but beautiful ties. Next time you are home you have to show me how you made links to the school in your blog. Feel really old, not knowing so many things with the computer.If you can bring the sewing machine,I have a few little prodjects that could use your help.Thanks Mom

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