Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

It’s all for a good cause

Right, so… I guess this is now a monthly blog?
Technically I haven’t posted in MORE than a month!
I guess I’ve been busy with other things…
That’s right! My fiancee and I are having a baby! We’re SO excited.
We’re expecting in mid-August, and are also attempting to plan a wedding for this summer.
So, you can see now why I may have fallen behind on updating my blog….

That’s not to say that I haven’t been working though!
I’ve been working on more vests for the spring and summer….
Many of which are REVERSIBLE!
I’ve also been making more Veggie Balls and Hacky Sacks. With the warm weather just around the corner there are going to be kids of all ages out in the sun, looking for fun things to play with. Care to juggle some kiwis?
I’m hoping to get some spring and summer gigs set up soon, so that I can have a place to meet new people and introduce them to lovely new accessories. Western Mass is a great place for me to be with my Tiny Top Hats and such, and I’m hoping to get out there more often this year. There’s a show in May I’ve been hearing things about recently… I’ll keep you all posted!\
If any of YOU know about upcoming local events and would like to see me there please leave me a comment or send an email to EveryInchWithCare@gmail.com
I’d love to get out there!
I also REALLY want to work on some Tiny Top Hats with veils and ribbons…
I’ve always liked the look of them, and with an upcoming summer wedding I’m sure the practice will come in handy!

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