Handcrafting Every Inch

… with care

The Blues Blanket

It’s DONE!
Actually… it’s been done for a little while.
Sorry for holding back on pictures until now…..
The lighter blue stripes are knit with a blend including a yarn called “Angel Hair”, which is SO soft. The whole blanket has a nice weight to it, and is delightful for snuggling up with!
The blanket is knit with a blend of different fibers. A silver strand gives a slight sparkle to the whole piece. A number of different blues are used, and red is also worked in throughout. Three stripes near the outer edge feature a predominantly red blend. I picked out all the yarns involved, and spent a fair amount of time just balling different yarns together before I even set to work! Every step taken for this blanket, I think, was TOTALLY worth it.
I’m pretty sure I’ll put it up for sale…. it’s SO nice though…
I haven’t entirely decided yet
: )
Current projects include: A soft autumn knit skirt, Rib knit pigtail hats, and more wristlets.
I’m hoping to get in on some more craft fairs too.
And I REALLY want to get better at posting more frequently.
See you next time!

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