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Back from the absence

I haven’t posted in QUITE a long time!
My Oma (Grandma in German) died this year. The day after Easter. It was all just as it should be, in the end. My Opa and her son were there. I guess she just closed her eyes and slipped away. Easter was a good time of year for her too. It’s sort of God’s time for making heaven ready for his children to come home. She was ready to go home.
I haven’t had anyone really close to me die yet. It gives you different perspectives to look from. She was a wonderful, Genuine, generous person.
I got to go to Germany for a week for the funeral. I went with my Mom. We had a really REALLY good time. There were lots of people with fond memories to share. And it felt like all we ate was coffee and cakes.
I’m glad I got to see my family over there! I was born in Germany, but moved over with my parents when I was still a tiny baby. It was great to see everyone, even under the sad circumstances.
The funeral was held in a forest. We buried her ashes around a tree where there are other plots set out for family members and friends. There is a new family of birds there this year, so she will still have new life to look after!
The best part of the funeral for me was at the end when we were all standing and we heard a cuckoo bird. I heard my Oma in the noise. Cuck-oo cuck-oo sounded like “whoo-oo ….hello, we’re here” or “whoo-oo….where are you?”
I’m very glad, though it hasn’t always been easy, that I’m in MY family. That this is where I came from, and that there are strong and beautiful people in my history.
Thank you, Oma.
^^This is my Mom and I on Mother’s Day^^
I’ll end with some more pictures from Germany…
and the promise of more posts soon!!

One comment on “Back from the absence

  1. Tilly
    June 3, 2010

    Thank you for sharing with us about the passing, as some people say, of your Oma. We must all go at some time. The service for your Oma in the forest seems like a perfect farewell. Enjoyed seeing the photos of your cousins, Opa, and your pretty mom. Tilly

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